The TKT Group is a group of companies operating the wire drawing industry since 1945. It is the only supplier in the world to offer a full range of products and services for wire manufacturing industry.

Tecnovo and Koner are certified to ISO 9001:2008, which includes design, research and development in order to offer to the customers the most comprehensive and satisfaction experiences.


TKT Tecnolubre: lubricants in powder for dry drawing.
Sintek: liquid formula for wet drawing.
Tecnofix: emulsifiable pastes and greases for drawing.
Tecnoline: range of products to treat rods and steel wire for drawing.
Tecnolam: formulated products in powder for rolling rod for the production of wire gratings and electrowelded meshes.
Tecnolux: products for cleaning and degreasing wire after or during final drawing process.
Airprotector: products for the protection of wire rod and steel from corrosion.
Cuprotector: products for protection from corrosion of the rod and copper wire or copper plating.


TKT Cores for drawing in TCT: tungsten carbide core of all sizes and qualities.
Tungsten carbide drawing dies: drawing dies of tungsten carbide, with natural & synthetic diamond, hardness and geometry according to customers' specifications.
Pressure drawing dies: the pressure dies K340 and K365 are new products.
Consists in the possibility of dismantle the core for a better lubrication, improving the quality of drawn wires, reducing costs and improving life span of the cores.